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Whichever way you look at him -

- he's always great to watch.

The Simon Baker LJ Community
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All Members , Moderated

welcome note: Welcome to simonbakerdenny! This community was created because there seems to be a huge lack of Simon on Livejournal! We're hoping there are other fans out there just like us who share a interest in Simon Baker (-Denny). We'd like everyone to share their views on his movies, knowledge of upcoming news, images and graphics to make the community a lively place!

the rules:
01 Play nice! We're all here because of your common interest of Simon, please be friendly with other members of the community. If you cannot follow this first rule you will be warned, then banned if any further distruption goes on

02 Posts must be about Simon! Also, they must require some type of picture, whether it be new or old. Related news, upcoming events, graphics, etc. are allowed and highly wanted here.

03 If you do indeed have an image you'd like to share, a teaser thumbnail with an LJ-CUT are highly recommended. Thumbnails arn't necessary but nice anyway. Please NO thumbnail if the images may be crude!

04 If you're sharing icons here, please only 3 teaser icons are allowed, the rest must be under an LJ-CUT or "fake cut".

05 Spoilers to movies must be under a cut. Not taking any credit to those curious-folk. ;-)

06 Last but not least, please no hotlinking! There are many sites out there for your image hosting services such as Imageshack.com and Photobucket.com.

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